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Why Web/ App Development

It's very important to know about the minor details of Web apps and Mobile apps if you want to choose these as your career path. Right from waking up till we go to bed we come across a thousand of things which is made using technologies. It's growing rapidly and finding jobs in these areas are as easy as boiling a cup of water, only if you have learnt about these technologies and if you have your own projects to showcase in your resume.

Even if you want to start your own business you have to take your business online and if you know how to build web and mobile apps then you will surely save thousands of rupees and also you don't have to depend on anyone to look after your online business platform.

Freelancing is also another option where you can earn huge amounts by taking up independent projects on online platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr and many more.

You can do all of these from the comfort of your home at your convenience. So even if you don't know anything about development yet, you don't need to worry as learning this is like making instant noodles and it also gives you great options to kick start your career.

Projects that we will make throughout the course